5.x Fight Stats 5.x Fight Stats

Encounter specific breakdowns for all jobs showing:

  • ADPS, RDPS & HPS box plots
  • Bar charts of current total uploads
  • Job use pie charts by role

5.x Job Stats 5.x Job Stats

Job specific breakdowns for all encounters showing:

  • ADPS, RDPS, HPS & Kill Time histograms
  • ADPS & RDPS vs Kill Time Scatter plots
  • Charts of total & % of hidden uploads

5.x Server Stats 5.x Server Stats

Data Center & Server specific breakdowns showing:

  • Total global clears for current fights
  • Total clears per DC & per server
  • Global Job usage by role, per DC & server

About About The Site

Originally a concept by /u/KaiserKyle, this site was created during FFXIV's Shadowbringers (5.0) expansion in memory of the original while also aiming to fill the niche of further statistical analysis and breakdowns of FFXIV raid clear data as the expansion progresses. This site did the DPS box plots on FFLogs before they were cool!

All source data is pulled from the FFLogs Rankings database via the FFLogs API and is owned by Kihra. Job and Menu Icons are owned by SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD. All Rights Reserved.

Weaknesses in the Current Analyses:

Future Goals and Improvements: